Bond Application Process

Step 1 - Contact the Phoenix IDA

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Public Finance Administrator to help determine the feasibility of revenue bond financing for their project.

Step 2 - Finance Team

Applicants are expected to set up a finance team prior to submitting their application.

Except for applicant counsel or financial advisor, all members of the Finance Team must be approved by the Executive Director.

Step 3 - Application for Bond Financing

A completed application, along with a $3,000 non-refundable fee to the Phoenix IDA, must be submitted at least 18 days prior to the Board of Director’s meeting at which consideration for approval is requested. In addition, the non-refundable fee must be submitted concurrently with the completed application, for details contact the Public Finance Administrator.

Please refer to the Board public meeting schedule for further meeting information. (Please note: Phoenix IDA Board public meetings are subject to change and/or cancellation.)

Step 4 - Approval by the Phoenix IDA

The Board may require, or the Applicant may request, consideration of a resolution conditionally granting preliminary approval with respect to an application. The Board shall also adopt a resolution granting final approval of each application. Current compliance with all applicable provisions of the Procedural Pamphlet is required for consideration by the Board of a request for final approval and adoption of the Proceedings. In both cases, approval is subject to such conditions as the Phoenix IDA, in its sole discretion, may set forth.

Step 5 - Approval by Phoenix City Council

After final approval has been granted by the Board, the proposed Proceedings will be referred to the City Council for approval of the Proceedings at a regularly scheduled formal meeting of the City Council. City Council formal meetings are regularly scheduled at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday of each week, subject to cancellation or change in time.

For more information, please contact Mike Santellanes at (602) 262-7644 or

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