The Phoenix IDA’s full-time professional team works with applicants throughout the financing process, from application to closing. 

Below are the six primary steps of the bond financing process.

  1. Applicant contacts the Phoenix IDA to determine feasibility of bond financing.
  2. Applicant assembles the finance team prior to submitting an application.
  3. Applicant completes a streamlined, online application.
  4. Project is presented to the Phoenix IDA Board of Directors, which considers approval of bond issuance.
  5. Phoenix City Council considers approval of Phoenix IDA bond proceedings.
  6. Bonds are sold and the project gets funded.

Bond Financing Procedures
For detailed information about the Phoenix IDA’s bond financing process, please download the Procedural Pamphlet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
If you have questions about the bond application process specifically, please visit the Bond Application FAQs.

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